Roof Cleaning and Treatment Services

Roof Restoration Specialists

Southeast Contractors has over 10 years experience in high level roof cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients throughout the Southeast. An experienced team member will assess your property to determine the best way to proceed, techniques may include, water-fed extension poles, ladder, harness system, scaffold tower, scissor lift or cherry picker (access platforms). Using these techniques means we can safely access any area to carry out a full roof cleaning and restoration service.

If you have any broken tiles that need replacing or re-pointing we can advise you on this and fix or repair on the spot. We will also advise and repair any gutter seals or pipe blockages that may need attention.

Roof Coatings and Protective Sealer Paints

Once the roof is clean, we will then treat it with an anti fungal wash to ensure any remaining spores are unable to avoid detection.

Roof coatings help protect your roof from organisms such as Moss, Lichens and Algae build up. They are available in clear or coloured paints and have flexible, thermal resistant, water tight properties that help your roof remain stronger for longer.

Our Specialist Roof Cleaning and Paint Coating Services are available throughout the Southeast and surrounding areas.

Roof Cleaning and Coating Services Include:

  • Roof Cleaning and Repairs
  • Gutter Cleaning and Repairs
  • Anti Fungal Wash Treatments
  • Roof Paint Coatings
  • Gutter Seal Repair