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Services for brick pointing and repointing in Southeast Ireland

All homes in Southeast Ireland (Wicklow, Kildare, Wexford, and Kilkenny) will require some maintenance at some point. Pollution, weather, and other harmful elements can impair the condition of the mortar between the bricks in homes in Southeast Ireland, and if you notice evidence of this, you should use a competent repointing business. To keep your property watertight, it’s critical to keep your brickwork in good repair, and the most efficient approach is to engage a brick repointing professional in Southeast Ireland.

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Any structure’s bricks and mortar are only as good as its foundation. Draughts and wetness can enter into your house if the mortar is in bad condition, with holes, gaps, or crumbling places, causing several difficulties with the structure’s stability. Is it simple to figure out when you would need to conduct some repointing?

Essentially, you should examine the bricks and mortar of your exterior walls. You have an issue if you are able to recognize problems. In most cases, physical indicators of deterioration will be visible, but in regions that are distant or concealed, such as under eaves or on chimneys, you may need the assistance of a specialist.

You should also consider the safety hazards that cracked or collapsing mortar joints can pose. The mortar is the “glue” that ties the shape and structure of your Southeast Ireland home together and is the foundation of strength. If this is weakened, the structure may become unstable, posing a major threat to life and property in the case of higher buildings or chimney stacks.

If your bricks have become weaker or broken over time and are causing mortar problems, they may need to be replaced. A qualified brick repointing company in Southeast Ireland will swiftly identify any parts that may require replacement and will also offer a service to restore the brickwork while repointing.

Southeast Ireland (Wicklow, Kildare, Wexford, and Kilkenny) repointing brickwork

In the past, many Southeast Ireland houses had their outside walls painted or rendered with plaster to assist shield the brickwork. Any bubbling, cracking, or flaking of plaster or paint could indicate that the mortar or bricks beneath the surface are deteriorating. To prevent the damage from spreading and becoming more serious over time, it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a repointing specialist who can determine the source of the issue. Any reputable repointing professional in Southeast Ireland will be able to complete this work and maintain your property safe, secure, and attractive.


Repointing takes a long time to finish and, in the majority of cases, necessitates working from a height. The first step in the process is a visual inspection, which will identify the scope of the corrective work required on your brickwork. This will enable them to provide you with a cost estimate for the repairs and renovations.

It’s possible that some areas of your property were out-of-reach or unavailable during the initial site inspection, necessitating a second, more complete survey. This second survey could disclose different problems that could affect the original estimate. If your house in Southeast Ireland is over sixty years old and has never been repointed, it will almost certainly require more work than a more recent structure.

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Once the trouble sites have been recognized and agreed upon with the property owner, restoration work can begin. Scaffolding will be required for most homes to provide a stable working platform for the bricklayer or repointing professionals. After that, an array of protective shielding or sheeting will be fastened to the scaffolding’s outside. This could be plastic sheeting to catch any dirt or debris generated during the repairs.

To gain access to the brickwork behind them, any wires, pipes, and conduits that are installed on the wall will be removed or loosened. All pipes and cables will be returned to their original positions once the project is completed.

Before repointing may begin, any paint, rendering, or pebble-dash must be removed to allow the repointing team access to the brickwork in question. After this has been removed, the brickwork is sanded and polished completely to produce an even working surface.

Southeast Ireland brick repointing

A professional Southeast Ireland repointing business will gladly show the numerous different pointing styles (Weather Struck, Tuck, Flush, or Recessed) by creating a test section on your wall to help you decide on the best type of pointing for your walls. This should help you visualize the final product and ensure that you are happy with the color and style.

The next step is to rake and scrape the old mortar out of the joints in phases. This is a time-consuming technique that involves grinding or chipping away at old mortar and brushing out any dust and loose debris to create a good platform for applying new mortar. The repointing crew will be especially careful around windows, doors, and other openings, where any movement of the brickwork or excessive mortar might make it difficult to open and close them.

The rapid drying out of new mortar should be avoided at all costs, and this can be avoided by dampening the walls. The longer drying period prevents the mortar from getting stiff and splitting, which can result in a weakened joint. Once the mortar has set completely, any stains or extra mortar remaining on the bricks can be wiped away. The walls are divided into sections, each of which will be repointed, dried, and cleaned up before the team moves on to the next.

It’s possible that the repointing crew will discover broken bricks that need to be replaced, as well as a problem with faulty lead flashing or a damaged chimney, which a competent business will be able to fix as they go.

Southeast Ireland Chimney Repointing

If you want to re-paint the bricks or re-apply the rendering once the entire property has been repointed and cleaned, you can do it immediately. All pipes, wires, and other fixtures will be reinstalled in their proper locations, work platforms and scaffolding will be dismantled, and all garbage will be removed and disposed of in the project’s final phase.

If you get your repointing and brick restoration done by a trained and experienced repointing specialist in Southeast Ireland, it can endure anywhere from fifty to sixty years. Warranties for repointing should be associated with building industry providers and manufacturers who cover defective materials.

Work on repointing can be done in Wicklow, Kildare, Wexford, and Kilkenny in Southeast Ireland.

Make an appointment with a repointing specialist in Southeast Ireland.

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