Tarmac Cleaning, Sealing and Recolouring Services

Tarmac Restoration Specialists

We have a wealth of experience in cleaning and restoring old tarmac surfaces back to their original condition. Our system is ideal for ensuring that even the roughest of tarmac surfaces are cleared of the lichen, algae and moss that like to reside there. All our machines have adjustable pressure settings to make certain that the correct amount of pressure is applied without causing damage to the area during the cleaning process.

Any potholes and cracks in tarmac can be assessed at this stage. Damaged areas can be cut out and replaced with fresh new tarmac before levelling. Any cracks can be filled with a specialised joint repair compound that helps to strengthen and bind the tarmac. Repairs should always be done sooner rather than later to prevent them become worse through the winter months.

Tarmac Coatings (Recolouring and Sealing Treatments)

Tarmac Coatings are a fantastic, cost effective, way to deliver a brand new looking surface at a fraction of the cost. They are applied as a 2 coat process and help prevent future moss and algae growth.

Vehicles should be kept off the tarmac for at least 24 hours after the paint seal is applied. People and pets should keep off the area until it is completely dry (4 hours approx).

Our Specialist Tarmac Cleaning and Sealing Services are available throughout the Southeast and surrounding areas.

Tarmac Cleaning and Sealer Coating Services Include:

  • Tarmac Cleaning
  • Tarmac Repairs
  • Tarmac Sealing
  • Tarmac Coatings